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4.9 stars from Customers

Feed Your Dog the Diet of Wolves

Real Meat. Real Organs.
Real Dog Treats

Grass Fed Beef, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Bone Broth, and Blood.

Strengthens immune system

Suitable for dogs of all age and size

Just good stuff: no flours, no sugar, no allergens, no soy, no rawhide

Helps support skin and coat health, longevity, and energy

Can be used as a meal topper, treat, or training reward

Money Back Guarantee

1:1 Support

Heart of the Canine Quality

Grass Fed

Sugar Free

Human Grade

No Filler

No Corn

100% Meat & Organs

Our Belief:

Dog food and treats should be simple, nourishing, and biologically appropriate.

Freeze-dried meatballs giving your dog the foundational nutrition that wolves prioritize in the wild. Whether used as a food topper, supplemental treat, or training reward, our treats put back in what the modern world left out

Money Back Guarantee

Always Whole-Prey

What to Expect From Whole Beast

1 Week

Quick energy boost and enhanced vitality from nutrient-rich beef and liver.

Stronger immune system and better digestion due to balanced intake of organ meats.

1 Month

Enhanced muscle tone and strength, supported by high-quality protein from beef and heart.

2 Months

Noticeable improvement in joint health and mobility from bone broth and blood nutrients.

3 Months

Improved coat shine and skin health, thanks to the essential fatty acids and vitamins.

6 Months

Long-term heart health and overall well-being, supported by a consistent Whole Beast diet.

12 Months

Money Back Guarantee


How Your Dog's Ancestors THRIVED

Animal organs have always been a cherished and sought after food source for canines..

It’s the first thing a wolf goes for in the wild after a successfull hunt.

But the modern world has moved away from prioritizing these cherished ingredients for our companions.

Why? Because modern processed dog food companies have changed the way we treat our dog's health and get them nutrition.

They don’t want you to treat the root cause of almost every health issue…

They want you to treat the symptoms with more lab-made food by-products, and more processed foods that ultimately result in billions of dollars in profits.

OR… they want to sell you individual synthetic vitamins, multivitamins.

At Heart of the Canine, we believe that animal based meat and organs (a biologically appropriate diet for dogs) are the KEY to finding strength, health, and happiness for your pet.

By giving your pet incredibly dense nutrition that only a whole-prey diet can provide, we’re going back to their ancestral and evolutionary nature.

Beef organs stand as nature's nutrient powerhouses, offering a dense concentration of vitamins and minerals for unparalleled nourishment.

No Flour or Sugar

Quality Guaranteed

How To Use

Shake the bottle to get your dogs attention (they will learn the sound very quickly!)

Take out 1, or a handful, and make sure your dog sits and waits patiently.

Use as a dry food topper, as an occasional treat, or for training rewards.

Can be fed as is, or re-hydrated with water.

Whole Beast is the most nourishing dog treat on the planet.

Here’s why we only use Whole Prey ingredients

Grass Fed Beef

7X MORE protein than kale

Boosts muscle growth

Enhances overall stamina

Supports strong immunity

Packed with essential nutrients

Grass Fed Beef Liver

4.2X MORE Vitamin A than carrots

Enhances metebolic energy

Optimizes liver detoxification

Boosts blood health

Elevates reproductive vitality

Grass Fed Beef Heart

4X MORE CoQ10 than chicken

Improves cardiac function

Increases endurance

Rich in B-vitamins

Lean protein source

Grass Fed Beef Kidney

3X MORE Zinc than salmon*

Improves detoxification

Balances electrolytes

Supports kidney function

Rich in selenium

Beef Bone Broth

10X MORE collagen than beef stock*

Promotes gut health

Hydrates effectively

Strengthens bones

Enhances nutrient absorbtion

Beef Blood

20X MORE Iron than kale

Boosts vitality

Improved oxygen transport

Enhances flavor profile

Supports cellular health

Money Back Guarantee

Ships Free over $75

Here’s What the Pack is Saying:

"These are not your cheap Walmart dog treats, these are premium dog treats. It’s so important for dogs to eat organs and a whole prey diet to really get all the vitamins and essential minerals they need. These are 100% grass fed and USA sourced beef and chicken. We have a super active Australian Shepherd and these treats support good hip, bone and joint health. He absolutely loves it!"

Susan M.

"Our pup is a 2 year old doodle mix, about 30lb, and she looooooves these treats. Which isn’t too surprising since they are essentially little balls of dried meat! The treats are a big bigger than I’d normally use for training so I break each treat into a few pieces."

Sarah R.

"Coco has given his drool of approval for Heart of the Canine Whole Prey treats. These gourmet bites are a big deal – fueling his day, aiding his digestion, and keeping that fur as glossy as ever.
It's more than snack time; it's a superpowered treat experience"

Kusha K.

"Heart of the Canine treats are not only made of the best ingredients like grass fed, USA sourced beef and chicken, Cedar thinks that they are delicious! They are freeze-dried and great foods on raw diet, especially active ones like Cedar!"

Chris V.

"With the new addition to our family, we have been taking the same approach to health and good ingredients. Heart of the Canine has been MidKnights favorite treat. Whole Beast freeze dried dog treats use real ingredients and focus on the fundamental foods (organ meats) in nature."

Joneese K.

Here’s Why We Love With Beef Organ Superfoods

Strong Immune System

Boost Energy

Enhanced Digestion

Enhance Eyesight

Dental Hygiene

Increased Longevity

Optimal Hydration

Improve Mood

Optimal Metabolism

Increase Strength

Improve Skin Health

Reduce Inflammation

Protect Heart Health

And much more

Strong Immune System

Enhanced Digestion

Dental Hygiene

Optimal Hydration

Optimal Metabolism

Improve Skin Health

Protect Hearth Health

Boost Energy

Enhance Eyesight

Increase Longevity

Improved Mood

Increase Strength

Reduce Inflamation

And much more

Here’s The Problem…

Feeding your dog a raw, biologically appropriate diet is hard work, can be messy and requires more planning during the week.

We wanted to get all the benefits, but in an easy form factor that didn’t didn't involve intricate diet plans and extra freezer space.

That’s when Heart of the Canine was born. Putting back in what the modern world is leaving out. These treats are meant to supplement the modern diet with real whole food ingredients your dog will LOVE.

One single meatball with every meal that provides your dog with the exact nutrition it needs to THRIVE

100% formulated for biologically complete canine diets.

Here’s Where The Magic Happens

Join The Pack Today

Whole Prey Bundle

1 Whole Prey, 1 Beast and Bird, 1 Hip Bone & Joint

Supports longevity, immune system, skin and coat, bone and joint, energy levels, and overall vitality

Great for the raw feeder who needs easy, convenient snacks.

Supports skin and coat health, immune response, and overall vitality

Over 3 months worth of treats.


Money Back Guarantee

Free 1:1 Support

Whole Beast

Beef, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney, Beef Bone Broth, and Beef Blood

Whole Prey ingredients that wolves prioritize in the wild

Supports Energy, Skin and Coat, Longevity, and Vitality

Great for dogs of all age and size and can be fed anytime of day

Easy to feed meatballs


Money Back Guarantee

Free 1:1 Support

Hip, Bone & Joint

Beef Bone, Green Shelled Mussels Chicken Cartilage, Beef Liver

Omega-3 fatty acids and collagen for joint health

Calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals for strong bones

Real food sources of nourishment to support your dog's longevity

Great for RAW diets


Money Back Guarantee

Free 1:1 Support

Beast and Bird

Whole Chicken, Bone Broth, Beef Liver, Kidney, Heart, Chicken Cartilage

Chicken protein and collagen for digestive suppor

Great for training and rewards - lower caloric density than other 2 treats.

Supports skin and coat health, immune response, and overall vitality

Biologically appropriate formulation


Money Back Guarantee

Free 1:1 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Guarantee

Free 1:1 Support