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Small Batch Dog Food: Why it Matters

Small Batch Dog Food: Why it Matters

Small Batch Dog Food: Organic, Nutritious, and Tailored for Health

Discover the world of small batch dog food, where every ingredient is chosen for its nutritional value and purity. This article explores the benefits of small batch, organic dog food, ideal for both picky eaters and pets requiring a specialized diet.

Understanding Small Batch Dog Food: Fresh and Organic Ingredients

Small batch dog food focuses on fresh, organic ingredients like organic kale, organic carrots, and organic apple cider vinegar, skinless chicken necks, organic yams, organic green beans, organic collards, chicken hearts, turkey necks,  ensuring a well-rounded meal for your dog.

Whole Beast: The Pinnacle of Small Batch Dog Food

whole prey dog treats whole beast beef liver heart kidney for health and longevity

'Whole Beast' stands out in the small batch category, featuring organic bee pollen, organic wheat grass, and organic herbs, alongside antibiotic-free meats like chicken livers and beef hearts.

Organic Ingredients for Optimal Canine Health

  • Organic Vegetables: Ingredients like organic broccoli, organic parsley, and organic squash provide essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Antibiotic-Free Meats: Chicken gizzards, lamb hearts, and beef bones from free-range, pasture-raised sources ensure high-quality protein.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Salmon oil organic and mixed tocopherols promote healthy skin and coat.

The Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Food in Small Batch Formulation

Freeze dried dog food like 'Whole Beast' offers the convenience of dry food with the nutritional benefits of fresh ingredients, making it a top choice for dedicated pet owners.

Conclusion: Why Choose Small Batch Dog Food

Choosing small batch dog food, especially those with organic, non-GMO ingredients like 'Whole Beast,' ensures your dog is eating clean, nutritious food free from pesticides and hormones, just as nature intended.

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